HUKAD KAFE: A marriage of the old and the new tradition

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Food makes everyone happy, agree?

One of the distinct Filipino culture that we have is festivity. Be it a small gathering with family, reunion with loved ones, or simple meet-up with old friends, we tend to make it festive. Through the years, this has been brought through and it has always been made possible along with Filipino food served on the table.

Mukbang time!

As part of our journey towards the evolving Filipino cuisine, Hukad Kafe offers refreshing take on the Filipino flavors served in a relaxed café setting. With the compelling Filipino flavors found in every dish, this will surely appeal to every generation.

A marriage of the old and the new, Hukad Kafe features dishes that are both traditional and trendy. Below are just some of their newest dishes I highly suggest you dig in.

Tradition with a twist

Lechon Carbonara (185php)- A Cebuano take on the carbonara by using lechon bits instead of the usual bacon.

Spicy Chorizo Aglio Olio (130php)- It has the addition of the Cebuano chorizo to the usual garlicky pasta.

Caramelized Sinigang Fried Chicken (215php)– Fried chicken tossed in the comforting flavors of sinigang. And, it is my favorite!

Scallop sisig(210php)- An innovative type of sisig.

And most of all is their  Signature Ube Halaya Milk Tea (79php)– Their signature Milk Tea made of housemade Ube Halaya.
Slurping as it is my new favorite.

In their refreshing café setting, they also took time to create for you a delectable merienda line with Lechon Salted Egg Muffin – made with Cebu lechon bits and salted egg in moist muffin batter baked in banana leaves, topped off with a slice of cheese, baked and then torched for that almost bibingka feel, Championradong Sago, Masi Ala Mode, and the Tsokalate Biko. Below are just some of my favorites in their menu.

Merienda Favorites

Tsokolate and Yema Wanton (49php) – A sweet version of the wanton. Filled with tsokolate and yema.
Champion-radong Sago (75php) – The sago version instead of the traditional rice topped with Vanilla Ice cream.
Masi Ala Mode (115php) – The deconstructed version of the masi in Liloan topped with Vanilla Ice cream.

So, no matter what you’re craving and even what time it is, Hukad Kafe is the one place that you can surely rely on when you want a satisfying meal of merienda that answers to a serious need of refreshing and exciting food.

Don’t forget to visit them at the Lower Ground Level, SM City Cebu. You can also check and follow them in FB ( and IG @hukadkafe.

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Punong Gary’s Place: A Taste of Bali in Negros

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It has been a while since I have posted a content on my blog and been a while since I have traveled outside my hometown, Cebu. The past few months were just plainly about work, home stuff and a little bit of conversation over coffee with friends. I always feel lucky to have a friend I can always grab to when I would want to travel. With the help of a friend who lives in Cadiz City and social media, we got our itinerary set up on this planned vacation.



Punong Gary’s Place wasn’t really hard to find. There’s just a signboard along the highway so you’ll know where this place is. And ohh by the way, as what’s on the signboard, I suggest you make a reservation prior getting in. If you do not have a private car, I would also recommend you get to hire a tricycle to get in the place and to go back to the highway.

The Place

At first, I was intimidated by it as I thought it was very fancy online. However, it changed my point of view as I got in and get to know the place more. Punong gary’s place embraces the nature in totality. From the highway right until you get inside the area, it is refreshing and there was no dull scenery at all. It is beautifully combined with the architecture on it and the preservation of the environment.

The Food

We only got to taste its breakfast meals. The price on the menu is just average which is a good thing for those who wants to keep an eye on the budget. However, the presentation is beautiful. It is visually enticing and it has the right amount to fill a big tummy like mine. Plus points to them for using metal straw on their drinks, by the way.



 Hacienda Tinihaban, Barrio San Jose, 6116 Silay City, Negros Occidental

Via Private Car

You may just drive all the way through Silay City. Punong Gary’s Place is located at Hacienda Tinihaban. Once you are in Silay, make sure to keep an eye for Pryce Gas because a few meters after that, you will see a signage directing you to go to Gary’s.

Via Public Commute

If you are around Negros, just take a bus and ask the conductor to drop you at Pryce Gas in Silay City. Tell them that you will go to Gary’s Place. Right after that, you may ride a tricycle to drive you all the way to the place.


We had a quick break at Punong Gary’s. We only stayed there from breakfast to lunch time. But, the time we spent there felt like it was an entire day of engaging ourselves with the nature while relaxing. It was our 2nd stop for our vacation and it was definitely worthwhile. I was even afraid at first that it is just like “Expectation vs. Reality“. Yes, it was an expectation and its reality exceeded it. The place is good for those who want to stay outside the city for some reflection. It would also fit for aspiring artists/architects as the place was creatively designed. For earth warriors, it would be the best venue to stay. For photographers and/or instagrammers, it is a nice venue to take aesthetic photos as well. For me, Punong Gary’s wasn’t just established for a good dining place and for vacation. But, it is built for a reminder that there’s always the right place to relax and revive ourselves naturally.


Mobile Number: 0917 327 1729

Instagram: @punong_garysplace


Opening Hours: 

Tuesdays – Fridays: 8am-6pm, Saturdays: 8am-9pm, Sunday: 8am-6pm

Entrance fee:

For the month of November, they have lowered the rate from 350.php to 250.php consumable.

Casitas/Room rates:

Casitas are Php 9,500/night with free breakfast for 2. Children 7 years old and below are free of charge. Add ons: Php 1,000 – Additional head.


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Solitude for the soul

I counted the sheep when my phone beeped to my surprise. Kristy, a close friend of mine, called. She sounded like she was going to break down any time soon. And lately, we’re both driven by emotions that led us to anywhere. As soon as she called, I immediately took my coffee and fixed myself to meet her. She’s driving back to the city but her mind’s wanting to go elsewhere with me, be it the mountain or to another beach.

And so, we met. My perkiness couldn’t be dragged down. I comforted her through cheering her up. We headed north and had rounds of karaoke inside the car while in transit. For some reason, every song hit us both hard and it was a routine of deep talks and singing. It was a long 4-hour drive until we reached our destination. Our pockets were not full by then, we just dropped by 7/11, a known convenience store, and bought some junkies, soda and water. We went to a local public beach in San Remegio named “Orongan Beach Resort.”

It was pretty much a spontaneous moment we had. The resort itself was crowded but we found a quiet spot by the shore and just settled ourselves with towels that serve as our mats. We spent the night gazing at the stars, taking and giving advise, more on comforting each other. And I thought, emotions were overwhelmed which we needed by those times.A day after, the weight I was holding in was lifted and I realized how nice it was to have that moment more often. I was moved by emotions and it inspired me to create a poem.

Dear beloved reader, please pardon me as I am not a professional writer. But, please imagine, feel and realize. I know, too, that you are, perhaps not now, need your own solitude.

“Have you ever wanted the sound of the waves to whisper lullaby in your ears?
Have you ever loved the ocean to comfort all those tears?
Have you ever starred at the crescent moon while it enlightens your soul?
Have you ever gazed at the sparkles of the sky while it falls through the night crawl?

Imagine the serene momentum while exchanging loves and hates from a pal.
Imagine the bittersweet rest in the shore while releasing the dull. Imagine the complicated taste between a cold beer and chocolates.
Imagine it all, for we’re so done with whatever awaits.

It was a quarter of a day to revive what’s lost in us.
That was a battle between the calm and the chaos.
It was diary written through the air.
One moment of solitude is all we need when in despair “


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Mad Monkey Hostel Experience in Cebu City

In my 24 years of existence, half of it was black and white. I grew up asking for my parents’ validation. I seldom play with my neighbor friends for outdoor games. It was always a routine of doing school works and home chores. Nothing else was ever in between until I got a job. I learned how to balance the essence of living and surviving. I came out from my own habits and encountered a lot of personalities which opened a great character in me. What really cracked the shell was, when I get to trips and travel.

“Travelling is my solstice and perhaps it is also to some or to majority. To others, it is a break from the stress they’re getting from work or from the city. To some people, it is a discovery of themselves and an avenue to vent out their emotions. To some, it is a luxury to spend time with the loved ones.”

The boy in me has always wanted to go out of the shell and be a man full of discoveries along with fun adventures. I believe, travelling has been a huge help for me to grasp on that idea. I also get to discover hidden gems such as virgin islands, undiscovered waterfalls, overwhelming treks to the relaxing mountains, unique cultures and different kinds of activities. Most of my engagements are involved during summer. Yes, it is a “Sea Sun” where the skins are exposed, tropical vibes bloom, tan lines occur, and the outdoors are busy.

Knowing these, I always make sure to have everything set and plotted ahead of time for my convenience. I have my travel essentials ready as well whenever I plan to go on trips or on a short staycation. Since I love photography, I always make sure to have my phone and camera ready. I am also into fashion and I want my outfits to be on point to the season and places where I go along with sunnies and a hat. In addition, skin care is also important. So, I always pack with me my skin care products. Above everything else, I want to relax during my trip through getting a nice and comfy accommodation with good food.

It would be perfect if summer is always there whilst having fun and getting paid with vacations whenever you want. But in reality, that’s only limited unless you want to take risks or let’s say you’re well-off and do not really need a job. In my case, summertime is the peak of working hard at work to get a higher chance of a long weekend or long vacation. I tend to spend my vacation for a week outside the city or town, savor the moment and stop the time from ticking quickly. There are times when my application for vacation leave is not approved and it makes me wonder how I am going to spend my summer in the city. Good thing my friends have recommended me a perfect place to spend in times like this – Mad Monkey Hostel.

             Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City is just one of the hostels that is accessible and convenient for both backpackers and tourists. They’re located in 79 Echavez St, Cebu City 6000 Philippines.

As a traveler and an outgoing person, it truly matches my vibe. You can’t really tell or feel that you are in the concrete jungle. It totally changed my concept of summer in the city. Let me share this to you what they have in store for you. While I’m typing this, I am excited to let you know about my overnight stay there with my friends. I must say it was beyond incredible!As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed by a colorful mural by the facade which is very enticing. It suits the colorful aura of summer. I must say that the owner has a good taste and has an eye for details. As we got inside, the staff greeted us with genuine smiles on their faces. It was a bright day to start with. And as usual, we checked on the available rooms. The rates of the room are really budget-friendly.

Room Rates are as follows:

For more inquiries, email them at

We finally had a room and we literally wowed upon opening the door which is unexpected to its price. It looked like a Japan’s capsule bed. I am usually picky when it comes to bed and room but this one exceeds my expectations. The capsule is spacious enough and the bed is very soft and clean. Each bed has its own socket, which is convenient if you have gadgets and it has a lamp which is convenient if you want to read books or if you are catching up with workloads. It has a clean bathroom with hot and cold shower. The room also has lockers wherein you can secure your valuables in case you leave the room.

One of the spots that I really love in the hostel is their rooftop. It has lots of amenities for you to indulge with. It has infinity pool, a restobar, billiards, arcade games, mini playground and more. I must say that my favorite is the infinity pool which gives you a city view. You are always free to dip in the cold water like you’re at the beachespecially that the heat is on for this season. Most especially in the morning, it soothes the mind and soul while swimming with a perfect view. Beside the pool is the relaxing corner where bean bags are free for you to lounge. The restobar itself is a plus for me as it has unlimited good choice of music that makes you feel alive day and night. To top it off, they also serve varieties of refreshing drinks and sumptuous food. Billiards, mini playground and arcade games are also available for you tag along with your friends. But, if you’re just checking in by youself, you’ve have got nothing to worry as the staff and tourists give you a warm welcome. What’s so special is that you’d always feel like you belong there.

Unlike any other hostels, Mad Monkey Hostel has lots of fun activities for you to enjoy so that your stay would be memorable. I have been to different hostels locally and nationwide but so far their hostel adds the most flavor to a plain stay. I mean, you can’t just stay and leave, right? Let me show you the list of activities that have for you and I am pretty sure this will give you excitement everyday. And yes, it is everyday! So, if you’re staying even on weekdays, they’ve got something to spice up your visit.

And oops! They also offer free shots at 7pm and beers are for free during their open bar between 7:30pm-8:00pm.  Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City definitely knows have to have fun and share it with everyone. For me, this makes them distinct. Not just with party, but they know how to set your mood right and they always make sure that you’re not left out with the enjoyment.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve always wanted an accommodation with a satisfied fill in the stomach. As early as 7:30am, the hostel’s restobar is ready to serve you with delicious food and drinks. They have all different kinds of breakfast on the menu which is also good for foreigners, for those who are on a diet, and for those who are healthy living. They also have different choices for the drinks. Be it coffee, sweet choco, alcohol in the morning, they have it ready for you. My personal choice for food is their Native Chorizo and for drinks is their Mocha Slush. Their Native Chorizo is served with creamy scrambled egg, fresh tomato, sweet Papaya salad and garlic rice. I recommend this for breakfast. The food was a feast in the mouth. It also matches that asian vibe and Filipino culture.  Their Mocha Slush is a blend of sweet and bitterness. I must say it matches my personality.

My experience in Mad Monkey was memorable. With just an overnight stay, I believe we’ve done a lot of things to enjoy and we’ve been sent to an island with tropical vibes all along. We had a relaxing morning and a wild evening. And of course, from the great quality of service they offer to their staff’s hospitality, it’s a thumbs up for me! Who would’ve thought Summer does really exist in the concrete jungle in an exciting way. Within the city is this precious gem that’s about to be and should be discovered by everyone. To put icing on the cake, let’s enjoy the Summer, be awesome, be great, and have fun but with moderation.

How about you? What’s your Summer story? How do you spend you Summer in the city? Comment down below for your answers and I’m excited to read them.

For online bookings, you may visit their official website at .

Other Mad Monkey Hostel branches:Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay

Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay
Address: Bulabog Beach Road, Balabag, Boracay, 5608 Aklan, Philippines
Phone: +63 966 308 1834

Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach
Address: Nacpan Beach, Sitio Calitang, Barangay Bucana, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines
Phone: +63 945 412 2369

Mad Monkey Hostel Siargao
Address: Lot 2903 Brgy, General Luna, 8419 Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Phone: +63 947 187 2392

Don’t forget to use their official hashtag #MonkeyMadness when you post on your social media and you might be featured on their pages!

A boy trapped in a man’s body.


Hi. I am Sammy.
Not everyone knows me. Not popular. The chubby guy left in the kitchen. The loud and crazy friend you can go out with. Yes, that’s me. I am just this 24-year-old average guy you can see in the malls, cafes, and most of the time, in the beach. I know this is quite not interesting as a nobody. But, if you’re reading this, thanks for showing interest in me. This first blog is just a flip of my life’s diary. Not too open but ready to be shared.

My blog consists of personal experiences, lifestyle choices, travels, and food that I really love. They are just some of the things that make my heart fonder. This started way back 2014 when me and my best friend hopped into a new cafe and a blogger just took a photo of us for his blog. It gave us excitement to see ourselves on his blog and to share the new cafe to our friends. We received a lot of messages about the cafe. And til then, we would always go to new coffee shops in town and share it to others.

Moreover, the passion for it bloomed when a close friend suggested me to follow the “David Guison” (ig: @davidguison) and get inspirations from him when it comes to photography and Instagram posts. Instagram has always been a platform for me to express myself when it comes to showing my personality ( since I am bad at public speaking ) and express my love for art. As you read this, stay tuned for more of me and my diary. And, I hope we get to have the same interests. I am happy to share this you. I am glad you’re reading this. And, I am excited to share to you the more of me.

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